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Know Before You Fly

Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio, along with Congressman Rick Larson of Washington, have introduced legislation that would require airlines to disclose whether they charge fees for carry-on and checked baggage. The Know Before You Fly Act would require fee disclosures prior to booking fares online. Failure to include information about baggage fees in ticket price quotes would be considered an unfair and deceptive practice by the offending airline.

In addition to baggage fee disclosures, the Know Before You Fly Act also mandates an airline to provide customers with information about whether it provides for alternative transportation, accommodations and meal vouchers in the event that flights are delayed or cancelled due to airline computer network failures. This information would be required to be posted on the airline’s public website.

This proposed legislation is good for airline passengers as it requires more transparency in the way airlines operate. On the other hand, airline companies will likely not be too enthusiastic about these required disclosures because customers may chose to fly an alternate airline based on high baggage fees or lack of accommodations in the event of flight delays and cancellations.


Claire Crowley