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The Summit: Legal Travels Briefs

by Claire Crowley-

Dr. Dao has settled his case against United Airlines. Dr. Dao was dragged off of an overbooked United flight after refusing to give up his seat. The incident caused a media frenzy and also spurred some airlines to ditch their policies of overbooking flights.

Just when United Airlines attorneys thought that they could take a day off, United has been sued once again over a seat scuffle. A woman claims she was grabbed by the arm by a flight attendant and booted from her business-class seat to the 21st row in the back of the plane. The woman is suing for $150,000 in damages.

A New York man has won a $160.5 million lawsuit against the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino. The man claims to have suffered a traumatic brain injury after being shoved to the ground by a security guard at the Marquee nightclub.

After several onboard drownings in recent years, Norwegian Cruise Line has finally decided to hire lifeguards. Norwegian settled a lawsuit in February after being sued by the family of a ten year old girl who drowned in an onboard pool.

The SLS Southbeach hotel in Miami has been sued by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission over claims of discrimination against Haitian employees. The employees allege being referred to as “slaves” by management, banned from speaking Creole while at work and treated differently than their Hispanic coworkers.


Claire Crowley