Legal Travels

The Summit: Legal Travels Briefs

by Claire Crowley-

The Eagles have sued the owners of a Mexico hotel, Todos Santos. The Eagles claim trademark infringement by the the hotel owners who allegedly encouraged their guests to believe that the hotel was associated with the band by selling band merchandise and playing Eagles songs including “Hotel California” in the lobby.

A woman has lost a lawsuit against a German hotel chain over its refusal to reveal the name of the man whom she believes is the father of her baby. The woman had a three-day affair at one of the hotels and claimed that the hotel was responsible for providing her with details about the identity of her child’s father.

San Francisco has settled its lawsuit against Airbnb and HomeAway and agreed to allow short term rentals to operate in the city.

Sony has filed a lawsuit against Applebee’s over its alleged unauthorized use of AC/DC and C+C Factory’s songs in its advertisements. Sony is seeking $300,000 in damages.


Claire Crowley